Contra-basspelers gaan dit nieuw apparaat, toch even dienen te beluisteren.

Audio Sprockets ToneDexter Preamplifier

Now, getting “mic’d up tone” in your live performances is as easy as…

Copy and Paste
At first blush, the ToneDexter looks like a pretty standard preamplifier for acoustic instruments. While most preamps offer helpful features like EQ, high-impedance buffering inputs, and notch filters (so does ToneDexter) – ToneDexter is a lot more. This baby has got some serious DSP technology under the hood.

Here is what the ToneDexter does, simply put, and I’ve put it into this HVB (Highly Visible Box) to make sure you don’t miss it:

  1. The ToneDexter compares the acoustic sound of your bass (using a microphone) to the sound coming from your pickup.
  2. It then creates a WaveMap; a sonic signature, of sorts, which corrects the sound of your pickup, making it sound much more like the microphone signal.
  3. The preamp stores this WaveMap (and up to 21 others), allowing you to recreate that acoustic tone in a live situation, using just your pickup.

So you’re essentially copying the tone from a microphone, and pasting it to your pickup.