Bass lessons in Rotterdam

Would you like to get a better sound and better intonation, good position playing, nice grooves or learn to play in a more exciting way?

The bass lessons can be done in English


Musical styles: Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin, Classical on Double Bass

Playing bassguitar or double bass  is cool.


We work on grooves, learning how they fit with the drums, how to write rhythms.

We learn how chords and scales are made, how to use them in your playing.

We work on the songs you like, and besides that I suggest you what you need to sound and play easier and groove better. 

For the double bass students, when you prefer, we can also work at the basics of bowing to improve your playing in tune, these bowing is needed in Classical or some Latin – Argentine music.

Make contact and get your try out lesson, costs are 10 €.

Lesson fee at 3/4 hour rate

Younger then 19 year 3/4 h – 24€

Adults 3/4 h – 27


– Baslesson 1 hour rate

Younger then 19 years – 30 €

Adults – 35 €

For the unemployed, please mention it and the rate can be lowerd somewhat.


Ok I like to hear from you

Kind regards



More info contact me:

– 0616147408

– Buziaustraat 11 – 3034 WC

– Rotterdam

Or mail to  or use the form below.