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The Bass lessons are structured for bassists of all levels from beginner to advanced and all styles of traditional and contemporary music including jazz, fusion, funk, rock, pop, blues, classical, motown, latin.

Subjects that we may study in the private lessons for Double Bass and Bassguitar include:

– Right & Left Hand Technique – Bowing for double bass
– Classical & Jazz Music Theory
– Sight Reading of Notes Rhythm and Chord Symbol
– Bass Line Construction
– Soloing
– Jazz Improvisation
– Slapping
– Fingerstyle Funk
– Chordal Techniques
– Concepts For Solo Bass Playing


The lessons are every  2 weeks

Price for player under 21 years

30 € hour – 24 €  3/4 hour

Price for over 21 years

35 € hour – 27 € 3/4 hour


Lessons for the Upright Bass or Bassguitar
we learn:
Constructing Walking Jazz Bass
Scales , Arpeggios, Modes, Bass clef, Blues
Rhythm Changes, Jazz standards
Bebop, Latin Jazz bass Lines


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